Basic Tips Abou Business Visa To Shenzhen

Original, signed passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity. Supporting documents are only one of many factors a consular officer will consider in your interview. Consular officers look at each application individually and consider professional, social, cultural, and other factors during adjudication. Consular officers may look at your specific intentions, family situation, and your long-range plans and prospects within your country of residence. Each case is examined individually and is accorded every consideration under the law.

The validity of a Chinese visa spans from 3 to 24 months, which depends on the visa type applied. A single entry Chinese visa is usually valid for 3 months from the date of issue, double entry visa, 6 months, and a multiple entry visa, 6, 12 or 24 months. It becomes invalid if there is no entries left or there is entry but the validity expires. You have to apply for a new China visa if your visa become invalid. You will be refused to enter China if you hold the invalid visa.

Flights and ferries into and out of Hong Kong may be delayed or suspended, including for weather-related reasons. Contact your travel operator or airline for the latest departure information. Familiarise yourself with your hotel or cruise ship evacuation plans. Carry your travel documents at all times (i.e. passport, photo identification, etc.) or secure them in a safe, waterproof location. Contact friends and family in Australia with updates about your welfare and whereabouts. For further information, see our severe weather page.

Since we receive many questions about getting a Chinese visa, we have put together this informal guide about Chinese tourist visa or Chinese travel visa. Traditionally, you have had to visit the Chinese Embassy in London to start the application process for your Chinese visitor visa. This meant making an appointment first, visiting the embassy at least two times, filling out the china visa form, and spending several hours traveling and waiting in line, resulting in lost income due to missing 2 days from work.


For the international businessmen, making a visit to Shenzhen means lots of work, particularly for applying for a Chinese visa.The good news is that you may apply for a visa on arrival in Shenzhen. Normally, it takes about 10-quarter-hour. Shenzhen Visa on Arrival is nice for business traveler and tourist who wish to go to Shenzhen through Hong Kong for less than 5days. Typically, it’s essential to obtain a visa before touring to China. Nevertheless, there is some exception. Most nationalities of the next countries can simply get a visa on arrival in Shenzhen, comparable to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, Austria, Italy, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Different nationals are laborious to get it if they have never been to Mainland, China.

During the order process you may be offered Document Pre-Check service. While not required, this option provides you the ability to scan and securely upload your application and supporting documents through ItsEasy’s secure portal for review prior to submitting. Having documents reviewed in advance can greatly reduce delays and additional shipping charges. Serviced within 4 business hours. Additional fee per traveler of $45 for first service, $25 for each additional service.

Special Scrutiny of Foreign Citizens: On occasion in recent years, citizens of the United States and other countries visiting or resident in China have been interrogated or detained for reasons said to be related to state security.” In such circumstances, you could face arrest, detention or an exit ban prohibiting your departure from China for a prolonged period. Dual U.S.-Chinese nationals and U.S. citizens of Chinese heritage may be at a higher risk of facing such special scrutiny. Information about dual nationality can be found on our website. Foreigners working for NGOs in China have also recently faced additional scrutiny, and China will implement a new law regulating foreign NGO activity in January 2017. NGOs and their employees should ensure they are complying with all relevant statutory requirements, particularly if working in sensitive areas or fields.

The required documentation to support your application differs according to the visa you are seeking. Here we explain some of the requirements though it is not your responsibility to organize all of them, the organisation you will be dealing with will need to arrange the ones special to your visa type, except for tourist visas, of course. Naturally, you should assist where required by providing information. Preparing the documents can take some time, from a couple of weeks to months, as many bureaucratic procedures are involved. It is a good idea, however, to keep checking back with them that they are getting on with it as sometimes matters can more in

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